U-Haul Truck & Trailer Rentals

Call our Direct U-Haul reservation line 501-868-1188 so that we can assist in helping you locate the equipment needed to make your move easier and provide you with a competitive quote.  Whether you are moving across country or across town Chenal-10 Storage and U-Haul is here to help you.  Professional and Friendly Staff make the difference during a stressful move, and you can count on us to make that difference.

fleet of trucks

Available for Rent

Van TrucksUHaul Truck Rentals

10 Foot Truck

15 Foot Truck

17 Truck

20 Truck

26 Truck

Available for Rent

Open TrailersUHaul Truck Rentals

4×6 Open Trailer

5×8 Open Trailer

5×10 Open Trailer

6×12 Open Trailer

Available for Rent

Covered TrailersUHaul Covered Trailers

4×6 Covered Trailer

5×8 Covered Trailer

6×12 Covered Trailer

UHaul Truck Rentals

26 ft box truck
20 ft box truck
17 feet box truck

26′ Moving Truck

Accommodates 3-4 bedroom home, recommended storage size 10 x 25 or 10 x 30

20′ Moving Truck

Accommodates 2-3 bedroom home, recommended storage size 10 x 20

17′ Moving Truck

Accommodates 3 bedroom apartment, recommended storage size 10 x 15

15ft truck rental
10ft box truck
uhaul van rental

15′ Moving Truck

Accommodates 2 bedroom apartment, recommended storage size

10′ Moving Truck

Accommodates studio apartment, recommended storage size 5 x 10 (no loading ramp on this truck)

Cargo Van

Accommodates small moves, recommended storage size 5 x 5

Open Trailer Rentals

uhaul trailer small
trailer rental

5′ x 8′ Utility Trailer

The 5 x 8 utility trailers are another common choice with small businesses for deliveries and individuals who do moving, landscaping and other home improvements. This medium open trailer for rent is one of our most economical utility trailers; it is an affordable and reliable solution for transporting business or personal belongings.

6 ‘x 12’ Utility Trailer

The 6 x 12 open trailer rentals are perfect for larger, local in-town deliveries and home-improvement needs. Our largest open top trailer rental has low decks and plenty of tie-down rings to make this trailer one of the easiest trailers to load and secure your cargo!

Covered Trailer Rentals

small box trailer
box trailer

4′ x 8′ Cargo Trailer

Accommodates up to 1 room, recommended storage 5 x 5

6′ x 12′ Cargo Trailer

Accommodates up to 3 rooms, recommended storage size 5 x 15